Happy Easter!! 

Hello again 

I love spring and I love Easter! I love everything Easter represents: life, love, and hope.

And I wanted my outfit to convey that message. So I went on the hunt for the perfect floral skirt. I knew I wanted it to be white with pinkish flowers but all the skirts I saw just weren’t the color or design I wanted. While I was scrolling through Instagram (at like 1 in the morning), I saw it. It was a beautiful pleated white skirt with delicate cherry blossoms all over it (so it had the perfect amount of pink). It was beautiful and it just screamed Spring/Easter to me.

So now I was on the hunt for this gorgeous skirt. I checked Poshmark (I love Poshmark) but the one skirt I found was already sold.. sad day. I went back on Instagram and searched until I found the little boutique where picture came from. Hooray! I was so excited! I went to the website and found the skirt. I was going to buy it right then, but then I saw the price.. 70 bucks!!.. even sadder day. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) spend that amount of money on a skirt. 


So my search continued… I looked up the skirt on the Wheretoget app and found another website but they were sold out. 😞  I thought I’d never find this skirt. I checked eBay, but the one I found was $50. So I did a google image search and bam! there popped up this beautiful skirt. I clicked the link to the store and hoped that they had a skirt. As I was scrolling through the skirts in the store, I finally found it. Hallelujah! Then I looked at the price.. $35.98 (plus tax and shipping). Man.. I can’t pay that. But being the clearance shopper that I am, I decided to look at the sale section. To my surprise, there was that beautiful skirt 50% off.. happy dance! As I was checking out, a picture popped up asking, do you want to save 60% off of your order (um.. yes I do) sign-up for our newsletter (totally will). So after all my searching and hunting, I finally found this gorgeous skirt and I only paid $18.38 (shipping included).

Thank you Romwe! I totally happy danced!! 

It only took 4 days to get to me and as soon as I got it, I tried it on. The second I tried it on I felt like a princess.👸 I felt like I could run through a field of flowers right up to my palace and rule the world. I love everything about this skirt: the print, the material, the shape, the feeling it gives me. It’s awesome! 


I paired it with a pastel yellow shirt (I sang in church today and we were required to wear yellow). I kept my shoes and accessories simple so the skirt would be the star of the show. I put it on this morning and I just twirled and danced all the way to the car. 


Totally check out Romwe for awesome deals and great princess feelings! 


But let us remember Easter is not about us or our clothes. It’s about the fact that we have a risen Saviour, and because of what He has done we can have a home in heaven. 

Happy Easter!💐🌸🌷

with love,

          Miss Lynsie 


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