All about Polka-Dots

Happy Sunday to you!

It has been raining all weekend here in Utah.  But I’m totally okay with that because I love the sound (and smell) of rain.

I could totally just cuddle up with a warm, toasty blanket and sleep so good just listening to the rain.  So when my alarm went off this morning, I really didn’t want to get up.  After I sluggishly got out of bed, I couldn’t decide what to wear… (ever have that problem?)  I just stood in front of my closet in my jammies thinking ‘I have nothing to wear…’ (ever have that problem either?)  So this outfit kind of came together by accident.


After going through my shirts 2 (or 3 or 4) times, I kept coming back to this polka-dot peplum shirt I got from Burlington.  Once I got my shirt, I decided I’ll just grab one of my skirts that’s hanging up in my closet.  So I closed my eyes and grabbed this royal blue skirt from JCPenney.  It’s a little shorter than I like so I added a skirt extender from Sassy Steals.  I also added this black cardigan from Savers because I wanted to keep my outfit modest and it’s chilly here in Utah.  I wore these super cute wedges from Journeys (my brother, Levi, actually bought them for me when he worked there – thanks Levi!)


After seeing how this outfit came together, I really liked it and thought ‘I’m gonna do another lookbook that’s “all about polka-dots”‘  So here are a few more looks that will be added to my lookbook.  Hope you enjoy.

With Love,

Miss Lynsie


Shirt: Poshmark

Skirt: Express

Belt: H&M

Shoes: JustFab


Shirt: Express

Skirt: Agnes and Dora

Belt: H&M

Shoes: JustFab

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