2 Lookbooks + 5 Bloggers = 8 Awesome Outfits

Hello to you!

It has been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday. But the sun is shining and summer is almost here. (Woohoo! Only 2 1/2 weeks left of school!)

I don’t know about you but sometimes to escape the busyness of work, I go on Instagram.

I love seeing the adventures people go on and the cute outfits they wear. As I was scrolling through my feed, I noticed how a few awesome bloggers were wearing outfits that went along with my lookbooks.

photo (1)     IMG_0263

I thought ‘Why not add their cute outfits to my lookbooks?’

So without further ado here are these sweet ladies.


Danna, Helen, and Renda  – @faith_friendship_fashion

Check out their blog.

IMG_0547     IMG_0495

Hannah – @hannaheverly

She sells adorable skirts in her Etsy Shop. Check them out!!

IMG_0493     IMG_0494

Jenah – @inmyredhighheels


Rosalee – @modestlyme_

IMG_0544     IMG_0545

Victoria – @bellezabyvictoria

Check out her blog!

I hope these ladies (and their outfits) inspire you like they have done for so many others!

With Love,

Miss Lynsie

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