Clearance Shopping Haul!!

Hello my dears,

I hope you have been having a fantastic day. I totally have, well it’s more like a fantastic week!

After who knows how long, my mom and I were finally able to go shopping for the fun of it instead of having to go because it was necessary.

So I’ll let ya’ll in on a little secret…. I love shopping!!

It’s always fun to get new things, but honestly I love shopping for others more than for myself.

But one of the funnest things about shopping is seeing how much you can save by using coupons, shopping at sales, and shopping in the clearance section.

It’s so awesome to leave a store with double the merchandise but only pay half the price for it. Many years ago I told myself that I would never pay full price for anything (except for absolutely necessary or very important items). I told myself that I could wait for the sale or always have a coupon. And that has kept me from buying a lot of things that I honestly might not use later.

I learned this lesson many years ago when I was still in school thanks to my mom. So in school everybody had the new style of sneaker. They were so cool and I totally wanted a pair. When my mom, my sister, and I were at the store I found the best pair of sneakers ever. But they were $35.00! My mom said “No” then she told me if I simply wait a few weeks I could get them on clearance. I was so upset especially when I was at school and all the kids had these awesome shoes on. Well after a few weeks we went back to the store and guess what was on clearance… those gorgeous shoes! I bought them for $5 bucks! So absolutely learned my lesson and saved $30.00. Thanks mom for teaching me such a valuable life lesson that I have totally used (a lot) and will continue to use.

I thought I would give you a glimpse into one of my shopping adventures, so you could see all the goodies I purchased at fantastic prices.


Let’s get started.

1. Bath and Body Works


It’s hard not to spend a bunch of money on smelly-goods here, but they usually have awesome deals so you can get a lot for your money. I bought 2 large candles (great gift ideas) and 6 small candles (I totally took all of the little candles.. sorry people). The 2 scents I got are from their new Hawaiian line.. I chose Oahu Coconut Sunset and Honolulu Sun. (I bought multiples because they smelled so good and I bought some for my mom and my sister.) The Honolulu Sun scent is my favorite because it’s like they bottled up the smell of Hawaii and stuck it in a candle. Awesomeness!

  • Original price – $80.00
  • Sale price – $45.00
  • Price I paid – $20.00 (RetailMeNot coupon)

2. JcPenney


I bought this skirt for my mom. Now my mom has never asked for anything but when she saw this skirt (on an employee) she mentioned (a few times) how pretty it was. I knew I needed to get it for her. When I found it I was so happy!

  • Original price – $40.00
  • Sale price – $20.00
  • Price I paid – $10.00 (JcPenney coupon)

3. Ross – Dress for Less


So I had some gifts that didn’t fit and I was going to exchange them but I couldn’t find anything so I decided to shop for niece and nephews. My youngest nephew, Zander, is turning 1 next month (What?! No Way! Already!) I found these cute jammies and outfits (Batman’s the best!) and these awesome soft alphabet blocks. But of course I couldn’t pass up this super cute shirt for my Brookie.

  • Original price – $28.00
  • Price I paid – $0.00 (thanks to some exchanges) 

4. Rue21


I might have went a little crazy with shoes at Rue21 when I found out they were having an extra 50% off of their clearance. Since I have to wear flats to work, I always keep a lookout for cute, colorful flats at a good price (all of these were $4.99 – hello amazing deal!). I bought some for my mom, my sister, and myself.

They were also having a buy one get one 50% off, which is where I found these beauties.


But the most amazing thing was they were both on clearance for an extra 50% off plus the buy one get one deal. How totally awesome is that?! Beyond awesome!!

So crazy story. While I was at the register – checking out – a lady came up to the register and tried to take my floral studded heels. I thought “What in the world is she doing?!” I told her “Excuse me, those are my shoes…” She’s like “Oh, I didn’t think you going to buy them…” (Um.. hello they’re in my pile of shoes that are being rung up – what do you mean ‘am I buying them??’) I just told her “Well I am buying them but there might be more over there..(pointing to the shoe section).” Anyways I got them all for an amazing deal.

  • Original price – $165.00
  • Sale price – $70.00
  • Price I paid – $25.00 (RetailMeNot coupon)

5. Sephora


I got an email saying that a Sephora was opening up in JcPenney and that they have a giftcard and a bag of makeup samples for the first 100 people. So my mom and I went early in the morning and waited in line. We ended up getting 3 sample bags (my brother joined us). Now I don’t know about you but when I buy makeup and I sample it at the store it looks great but when I get home it looks all weird. Well with all the samples I got, I can try em out and be completely sure of what shade/color I need before I spend a bunch of money. (Since we got an extra bag my sister can have some too, woohoo!)

  • Price I paid – $0.00
  • 3 Giftcards received – $15.00  

6. Victoria’s Secret


So I was at work checking my email and I noticed one from Victoria’s Secret and it mentioned Bombshell Day. It said that the first 28 people could win free stuff! (like bras and perfumes) So again my mom and I got up early and we were the first and second in line! We won a free bra and panty set and a free fragrance. They were having some awesome deals that day and I also had an email for another free pair of panties.

  • Original price – $125.00
  • Price I paid – $10.00

This is why I love shopping sales and in the clearance section!

  • Total Original Price – $438.00
  • Total Sale Price – $135.00
  • Total Price I paid – $65.00
  • Total Amount of Giftcards Received – $15.00
  • Grand Total – $50.00

As the saying goes ‘I’m not a shopaholic, I’m helping the economy’ well with savings like this we can totally be shopaholics!


JcPenney, Victoria’s Secret and RetailMeNot all have apps for your phone (awesome right!) but you can always check out their websites for awesome deals.

May your next shopping trip be an adventure!

With Love,

Miss Lynsie

2 thoughts on “Clearance Shopping Haul!!

  1. I love hearing about good deals! I agree with you about waiting for something to go on sale before you buy. One thing that I’ve also found is that whenever you wait to buy something, sometimes you’ll find that you don’t actually want/need it as much as you thought you did! I never buy anything offline without first checking RetailMeNot for a coupon code! My mama gets all of her hand soaps and body washes from Bath and Body Works, so she waits until they have it on sale and racks up! I think it’s better to not wait until you HAVE to shop to start shopping, because then you will feel more pressured to buy stuff and won’t be able to wait for something to go on sale.

    • so true! whenever I go shopping I always check to see if they’re having a sale or I always have a coupon. It’s helped a lot in saving money! 😊

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