Minnie Mouse Inspired Outfit

Hello to you! And happy July!

Oh my it’s already July, man time seems to fly.

I’m so excited for today’s outfit and the new lookbook it’s gonna be added to. Ready for it? Drum roll please… Disney Inspired Lookbook!! In honor of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, I will be doing Disney inspired looks all month long. I love all things Disney, especially the Disney princesses (hello dream job)

Today’s outfit was totally inspired by Minnie Mouse.

I’ll tell you a secret, for the longest time I DID NOT like Minnie Mouse… she just kind of annoyed me. But then my beautiful sister had my beautiful niece, Brooke and my perception of Minnie completely changed. My Brookie has liked Minnie since she was a tiny baby who could barely talk but who wanted her Minnie shirt.

Since then I started noticing how cute Minnie print items were and I even watch Minnie shows. Thanks Brookie for changing Auntie’s mind.

So now I totally like Minnie Mouse, I think she’s cute and stylish too (I even bought a shirt with Minnie Mouse on it for me)

Well on to my outfit that’s inspired my this cute character, who by the way was made all the way back in 1928.

When you think about Minnie Mouse, you think about polka-dots. Which is what this skirt screamed to me when I saw it.

I got this awesome skirt from Choie’s and I really like it because the polka-dots are the perfect size.

My shirt is from Savers. It’s an Alfani shirt that still had its original tags attached. I love thrifted treasures.

My shoes are from Charlotte Russe. I don’t think I would have ever paired yellow shoes with a red skirt, but Minnie did it so I guess I can too.😁

For my hair and make-up I kept it pretty simple.

I used my Nume 25 mm wand and just curled 1 inch sections of my hair. After I curled my hair, I let the curls set and cool and then I ran my fingers through them.

Now I don’t know if you ever noticed but Minnie has insanely long eyelashes, so I thought I might as well bust out the false eyelashes and give em a try. I have never ever worn false lashes but I actually liked them. I used Ardell lashes in ‘120 Demi’. (It was such a fun challenge putting them on)

This look was so fun and enjoyable. So for the whole month of July be in the lookout for more Disney inspired looks.

I hope you enjoy your day.

With Love,

   Miss Lynsie 


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