Chambray and Floral Outfit of the Day (featuring eShakti)


Happy Sunday to you.

Today has been a gorgeous day but it’s been hot. So today called for a lightweight dress that didn’t need a bunch of layering. And the chambray dress from eShakti was absolutely perfect. 

One of the things I love about eShakti is that you can customize the sleeves, neckline, and length of most of their dresses to what you want. How awesome is that!! 

I have been wanting a chambray dress for forever but could never find one I absolutely loved. But this one is perfect. 

This is how the dress was originally made.

But I was able to add sleeves and a little more length to it so I wouldn’t have to layer anything (unless I wanted to). Amazing!!

When this beautiful dress arrived, I tried it on and showed my mom to see what she thought. I asked her what color I should pair it with and as I twirled around we both said red at the same time.😁

But I didn’t want just red, I knew I needed a little something more. Then it clicked, I have the perfect floral studded heels that would add just the right amount of pizazz to my outfit. And of course I had to add pink in there somewhere because pink is the best color ever! (sorry other colors, you’re all cool but pink is the best) And ✨Tada✨ my outfit came together.

My dress is from eShakti and it’s perfect. When I say perfect, I mean perfect. The color, the shape, the fit, the weight, the twirl ability – it’s all fantastically perfect. It’s pretty difficult to find pretty, modest dresses (especially in summer). They’re either too short or too revealing, but this one is amazing. I love eShakti because you can customize most of their dresses to your liking. Happy Dance!! (I can’t wait for my next dress!) (I’ve added the direct link to this gorgeous dress down below)

There’s just something about chambray and red. It’s just so classic. I wore my red belt from Savers. I love this belt because it’s the perfect color of red (not too dark, not too light.. it’s just right).

I added my floral studded heels from Rue21. I adore these shoes, they just make me feel amazing!

I used my gorgeous pink purse from Target. The love I have for this color pink is infinite. If I could paint the world pink, I totally would, except I love all the colors that world has and it’s beautiful the color it is, so I guess it’s okay.😁 

Well I’m off to go eat some cake. I hope you have a wonderful day and I would love to hear how you would style the dress.

With Love,

      Miss Lynsie 
Find the adorable dress here.


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