🌺Summery Outfit of the Day🌺

Hello to you! 

Wow it’s been awhile… It has been ultra crazy this last week. I cannot believe we are half way through August already… I’m not ready for summer to be over. 

But thankfully there are places like Jane.com that bring together all these awesome boutiques that offer super cute clothes in summery colors.

As you know I LOVE pink!!💕 And I pretty much love any article of clothing with pink on it! I also love LOVE the Disney princesses!! But put pink and the princesses together and I’m as happy as can be and I’ll be happy dancin everywhere.  And this outfit brings both of these things together perfectly!

Now this outfit is from Jane.com. Which is an awesome website that brings together different boutiques and shops and offers their products for awesome deals (and they add new deals everyday at midnight)

So this awesome shirt is from Simply Sage Market. And the saying is from the new Cinderella movie, “Have courage and be kind.” Something we all should remember. Wherever we go, whoever we meet and whatever we endure, we should always have courage and we should always be kind. 

Now let me tell you this shirt is so comfy and the shape is fantastic! I usually don’t like t-shirts but I love this one because it’s not too tight or too loose and the v-neck is a perfect length and of course the saying makes it even better!

This skirt, oh this skirt is gorgeous!! And the colors are so vibrant!! The shape, the color, everything about this skirt is fantastic! This skirt is from Mindy Mae’s Market and I adore this skirt. The second I put it on, I was twirling and happy dancing everywhere! 

My shoes are from Journeys and they are surprisingly comfortable. I love strappy sandals! 

My necklace is from my man and I love it! It’s one of my favorite necklaces! 

Because I don’t want summer to end I had to paint my nails to go along with this summery outfit. 

It say I adore this outfit is an understatement. I absolutely 100% love this outfit!! 

I actually wore it to a hot air balloon fest with my man and it was perfect! It was lightweight, comfortable, and cute all at the same time. 

I hope you have a great day and let’s make the most of the last few weeks of summer!!

With Love, 

Miss Lynsie


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