☀️Summery Bright☀️ Outfit of the Day 

Hi there,

Happy Sunday to you!

You guys school starts in a week and I’m not ready. 🙁 

I’m so not ready for summer to end. I want to hold onto it as long as I can. So today I decided to wear a super bright outfit in hopes that summer will stick around a little bit longer. 

And let me tell you this outfit is ✨Bright✨ There are no filters or color alterations to any of the pictures… they’re really that bright and beautiful. 

I spent about $20 for the entire outfit (shoes and jewelry included)

My shirt and skirt are from Ross. I love going to Ross and finding treasures in their clearance aisle. I totally found a dress for .50 cents… yes .50 cents! Happy Dance! But for this skirt and shirt combo I paid $10. Not too shabby!😁

This shirt is awesome because it’s so lightweight and versatile and the color is gorgeous. I love that I can wear it on its own or under a cardigan to dress it up. Solid color dressy tees are a perfect wardrobe staple.

This skirt is so gorgeously colorful! It’s navy blue with all these beautiful colored flowers. I love that I can pair this skirt with blue or pink or green or orange or white. I just love bright colors.

And because of all the bright colors in the shirt and skirt, I kept my accessories simple.

My shoes are from Charlotte Russe and I only paid $5.00 for them because they were having an end of season sale. Hooray! 

My necklace is from Our World Boutique and I love it. It adds just the right touch to any outfit. 

I also wore a silver bracelet which my man gave me for my birthday and I adore it! 

I really liked how this outfit turned out and how summery it feels!

I’m hoping that if I continue to wear bright summery colors, summer won’t leave… 

Well I hope you have a wonderful last few days of summer.

With Love,

Miss Lynsie 


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