💚Gingham and Green Outfit of the Day💚

Happy Sunday to you! 

As I was outside today I got a whiff of fall.. can anyone else smell the different seasons? To me each season has a distinct smell and feel to it and the smell and feel of fall was totally in the air. 

I must sadly come to the realization that summer is ending and fall will soon be here.. But on a happierish note, school is starting on Tuesday and I’m rather excited for the new school year.

So in preparation for fall I decided to wear a more fallish outfit today.

I love that navy blue can be paired with so many colors, even colors I would have never put with it before. And the beautiful cognac (brownish) color will be one of your best friends in fall. Once I put this outfit on it just screamed fall to me.

This cute navy gingham shirt is from Savers. Honestly guys if you haven’t gone thrift shopping you totally need to because there are so many treasures at awesome prices just waiting to be found. 

I really like this shirt because it’s not the traditional button-up shirt. It doesn’t have the fold-over collar and the half-length sleeves are perfect.

My skirt is from eBay. The gorgeous jewel tone is perfect for fall and winter. I absolutely love the color and shape of this skirt.

My belt is also from eBay. The color is beautiful and I love the style of the belt. It has a double buckle and it adds just the right touch to the outfit. 

Now on to my shoes. I got these gorgeous babies from JustFab‘s awesome sale.

When they arrived, I loved the color and the strappy sandal part but I was a little hesitant about the heel. It was something that I’ve never had before, but I tried them on and I instantly loved them. I know they’ll be on major repeat.. at least until the snow arrives. 

JustFab is one of my favorite place to shop for shoes and I thought you’d love it too, especially since they have all new designs for fall. You can save 50% off your first order by simply clicking here. That’s the easiest 50% off coupon ever!

Back to the whole outfit, I really liked how it turned out.

Well now I’m off to get everything ready for school and enjoy my last day of summer.

I hope your day is fantastic! 

With Love,

Miss Lynsie

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