Graphic Tee Lookbook – Look 1: Business 

Hello my lovelies,

Today seemed like a perfect day for a new lookbook. So without further ado I present to you my “Graphic Tee Lookbook”

Graphic tees are a huge trend right now. And I absolutely love them. They can be dressed up or dressed down. Some have cute sayings while others have adorable pictures. Graphic tees are amazing! 

This gorgeous shirt from Alfra Design inspired this lookbook.

When I received this shirt I instantly LOVED it! It fits like a dream. And it has Vogue and the Disney Princess, Aurora (my fave!!) on it… how could I not LOVE it?! This one shirt can be styled so many different ways.

Graphic Tee Style 1: Business 


I know sometimes having to dress professionally can get boring (as a teacher I understand) but it doesn’t have to. Simply add a graphic tee under a cardigan or blazer to add a pop of fun into your wardrobe.💕💕

Alrighty now onto the outfit details.

My gorgeous grey skirt is from Express. It hugs your curves nicely and it’s the perfect length.

My cardigan is from Savers. I have washed this bad boy many times and the color never fades… perfect! 

My beautiful shoes are from Charlotte Russe. You guys I love these shoes! I love them so much I bought them in 3 different colors.

My belt is from Old Navy and I love how it gives a nice pop of color to the outfit.

My earrings are from Target. They work perfectly together with my huge sock bun.

Now on to my shirt. I LOVE it!! It is from Alfra Design. I love the fit of this shirt… it’s not too tight but it’s not too loose either, it has the perfect amount of stretch to it. Graphic tees with fashion pictures or fashion statements are awesome. Graphic tees with the princesses are amazing. The fact that Alfra Design put both of them together makes this shirt 1000% better.

They have so many designs to choose from.

      (this is just a few of their designs) 

Check them out! 

Shop: Alfra Design 

Facebook: Alfra Design 

Instagram: @alfra_design

Keep a look out for more graphic tee outfits featuring Alfra Design.

With Love,

    Miss Lynsie


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