Graphic Tee Lookbook – Look 3: Princess👑


I hope your Monday has been beautiful!

When I received this awesome shirt from Alfra Design, I was thinking of what outfits to wear and I thought how could I have a gorgeous princess shirt and not have a princessy outfit?!

So of course I pulled out my most princessy skirt and my shiniest belt and ✨TADA✨ This princess outfit was born.

This gorgeous skirt is from eBay. And every time I wear this skirt I absolutely feel like a princess. Hello twirling and dancing! Let me encourage you to invest in a skirt, a shirt, a dress, or any other article of clothing that makes you feel like a princess, like this skirt or this shirt.

My shirt… to say I love this shirt is an understatement. It is from Alfra Design and it has become one of my favorite graphic tees. Not just because of the princess on the front (my fave) but the quality and fit is amazing! You totally need to check out Alfra Design. I’ll leave links to their website, Facebook, and Instagram down below.

Now for my belt.. you guys this belt is so fun! It’s from H&M and I love the colors, it’s gold on the front and black on the back. It goes with so many outfits. It’s amazing!

These shoes… classy and comfy all rolled into one pair of shoes. These shoes are so gorgeous. I got them from Charlotte Russe and I ended up getting 3 other pairs in 3 different colors because I love them so much.

Well that wraps up today’s look. Visit Alfra Design:

With Love,

Miss Lynsie

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