Slide The City Adventure


Happy Thursday to you! It’s almost the weekend! Woohoo! 

I don’t know about the other teachers but I am completely enjoying my summer vacation. A part of enjoying that vacation was going on an adventure with Slide the City.


Let me tell you, it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. All of the workers were so kind and helpful. We had an absolute blast sliding down this amazing 1,000 foot slide.

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I love that Slide the City offers pictures of all the fun you had. The lines were long but they moved quickly. But that gave us the perfect opportunity to take some selfies.

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When you purchase the Triple Slider Pass use the code ‘MISSLYNSIE’ for 20% off your purchase. Also when you purchase the Triple Slider Pass or an All Day Pass you get a bag full of goodies.


It has a tube, a t-shirt, a hat, a mouth guard, and a super cute bag. It was so helpful carrying everything around and keeping my phone dry. It made life so much easier as we stood in line and walked around.


We had so much fun!!

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Thank you so much Slide the City we had a blast!! Slide the City is coming to Utah again on July 30th so don’t forget to use the code ‘MISSLYNSIE‘ for 20% off the Triple Slider Pass. Thank you Slide the City, it was so much fun!!

With Love,

 Miss Lynsie

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