Floral Outfit of the Day starring LuLaRoe with Jen Mobley

Hello and happy Sunday!

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining but there was a nice breeze, which was the perfect weather to wear this cute outfit from LuLaRoe with Jen Mobley.

DSC00615 (2)

I had heard a lot about LuLaRoe before (the brand behind all those famous printed leggings) but I had never tried it before. And then I chatted with Jen MobleyLet me tell you, I have never met Jen before but she was so super sweet. She actually picked out this outfit.

DSC00595 (2)

I don’t know how she did it, but for someone who I have never met and who has never met me, she picked out a perfect outfit. It is so cute and comfy, and something I would have totally picked out for myself.

DSC00606 (2)

The shirt is loose but fits in all the right places. The skirt is stretchy and super comfortable. I also got a pair of those famous leggings which I will be featuring when the weather gets a little cooler.

DSC00610 (2)

LuLaRoe is definitely an awesome brand and Jen Mobley is an amazing representative. I’ll link all her information down below.

My shirt and skirt are LuLaRoeMy shoes and necklace are from Kohl’s .

DSC00607 (2)

Jen and I are hosting a $100 giveaway to her shop. That’s right 100 dollars! Woohoo!! Visit my Instagram for all the details.

Thank you so much Jen Mobley, I love everything!

With Love,

         Miss Lynsie 

Jen’s Information:

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