Floral Outfit of the Day starring Tamar Landau

Hello! Happy Monday!!

I hope your day has been great so far.

So you know that dress that you put on and instantly love and makes you feel amazing? That is exactly how this floral dress from Tamar Landau makes you feel! 

DSC01248 (2)

I absolutely love this dress! The sleeves are great, the neckline is just right, and the length is perfect. In a world full of mini skirts and low necklines, Tamar Landau, which is based in Israel, offers super cute, modest clothes.   

DSC01220 (2)

The floral print of this dress is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are so pretty and amazingly vibrant.

DSC01244 (2)

One thing I love about this dress is that all I have to do is put it on and go. As a teacher, I need cute and comfy clothes that I can wear all day and move around in. This Tamar Landau dress is totally teacher approved.

DSC01226 (2)

I also love that you can add cute accessories to dress it up. I added strappy sandals and a pink belt to give this outfit a little extra pop.    

DSC01238 (2)

If you’re looking for cute and comfy clothes that are also modest, you definitely need to check out Tamar Landau (all links down below).

Thank you Tamar Landau! You’re so sweet and I absolutely love the dress! Thank you!!

With Love,

        Miss Lynsie

Tamar Landau:

DSC01234 (2)


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