Outfit of the Day starring The Nist

Hello there,

   I hope you are having a wonderful day!

The weather here is crazy! It’s been raining and snowing and freezing! So today’s outfit is an ode to warmer weather starring The Nist


As soon as I put on this skirt from The Nist I felt like a princess!! I twirled and danced and twirled some more. This skirt is absolutely gorgeous!!


Seriously this is one of the best made skirts I have ever worn. It has amazing pleats and the prettiest gold zipper on the back. I absolutely love the color. It also has the cutest polka-dotted bows on it! Polka-dots and bows, two of my favorite things!!


I paired the skirt with a black t-shirt from Target, a gold belt from H&M, a gold necklace from Walmart, and gold glitter heels from Charlotte Russe. This was one of the most comfortable but princess-like outfits I have ever worn.






Thank you so much The Nist, this is one of my most absolute favorite skirts ever!!  I am so grateful for you and your kindness! I love this skirt and I love that it makes me feel so much like a princess. 

With Love,

Miss Lynsie

The Nist:


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  1. The Nist has a lot of pretty things! This skirt is definitely perfect for your style! Almost like they made it for you lol

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