Skincare Secrets Starring Zapzyt

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I hope you all are doing well. 

It’s no secret that the weather this summer has been crazy but I do have the secret to clear, healthy skin. That secret is ZAPZYT!! (This post is sponsored by the PRIMP network but all the opinions are absolutely, 100% my own.)

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I have struggled more with acne in my 20’s than I ever did in my teens. Once I started using the Zapzyt skincare line, I noticed an amazing difference in my skin.  

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I start with the Acne Wash Cleanser. This stuff is amazing because it is safe to use everyday, even for sensitive skin. I have combination skin but it’s also very sensitive and the wash cleanser is so awesome! It’s not too harsh but it does a great job at cleaning your skin.

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I wash my face everyday but I also exfoliate my skin every few days. The Pore Clearing Scrub is absolutely perfect to get rid of all the gunk that gets into your skin. This scrub totally lives up to its name. It absolutely clears your pores. Your skin will honestly feel like you just came back from a spa.

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The Pore Treatment Gel is the last step in the Zapzyt skincare line. This stuff is fantastic. If you have clogged pores, simply put some of this gel on them. The treatment gel not only clears up the spots, it also moisturizes your skin. Talk about a win-win!!

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This stuff, the Acne Treatment Gel, is like magic in a tube!! I take this amazing stuff with me everywhere. It’s in my makeup bag, my travel bag, my purse, and pretty much every other bag I own. If I notice a pesky pimple or bothersome blemish, I put a little of the Acne Treatment Gel on it and seriously within hours the blemish is less red and smaller. I even take this stuff with me on photoshoots. Seriously, it’s magic in a tube. If I have some stubborn spots, I’ll put some of the gel on it before I go to sleep and when I wake up the spots are almost completely gone. Besides the amazing clearing power of the Acne Treatment Gel, it’s also safe for sensitive skin and non-drying. 

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So if you are struggling with acne you definitely need to try out the Zapzyt skincare line. If you’re dealing with a few pesky pimples, bothersome blemishes, or stubborn spots, then the Acne Treatment Gel is perfect for you. What’s even better is that Zapzyt has something for everyone.

Thank you so much Zapzyt for allowing me the privilege to try this amazing skincare line. I absolutely love it!!

With Love,

     Miss Lynsie

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